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May 04, 2017. Great coverage by DeTijd interviewing me on next generation sensors, on my skin (dermals) and inside my body (insideables).

KoenKas DeTijd 4mei2017













April 14, 2017, De Tijd interviewed me to comment on the promise and pitfalls of Non-invasive diabetes monitoring, following Apple’s announcement they are working on a next generation wearable to do exacyly that. The need is positioned against a background of an emerging diabetes epidemic.


February 2, 2017, De Morgen interviewed me for an extensive article on the mobile health revolution, where Apps and doctors will find a new common ground. Publication here and here.


February 1, 2017, Knack ran a big story on ‘Chipped people’. I provided the input on the clinical applications of this emerging trend. chip in mens 2














December 8, 2016 – Healthcare Magazine covered the event organised by the Belgian Association of Hospital Directors (BVZD) about ‘Disruptive change in Healthcare’, where I gave the opening Keynote and served as Master of ceremony in the amazing **TheJane.


As one of the mmersive experiences (VR glasses, check), FashionTech leading lady Jasna Rok presented Fashion on Brainwaves to explain how patients (autism, ADHD, ..), not able to communicate by classical means, can do via their clothes.























October 17, 2016 – Here is my live Facebook Chat for leading Belgian newspaper DeTijd on The future and the promise of Genomics, and the instrumental role insight in our genes will bring to redesigning Healthcare.