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Koen en laura en jasna VanGils 1juni2017

A first ‘live‘ glimpse into my collaboration with fashiontech queen Jasna Rok. Stay tuned as the best is yet to come, when we will show by different means how healthcare and society will be reshaped by novel and unexpected user interfaces & experiences. Fusing the arts and technology, we believe we can inspire how powerful it is to collaborate across industry verticals, no longer in a strict separation between left brains and right brains, nor digital versus analog. But integrated, without borders. As said, stay tuned.



In depth overview of the latest technology and design developments (non pharma) for the management of diabetes. Focus is on digital (mobile) health applications, most recent outcome-based data showing the promise, amongst others, of digital coaching.
This migrates us finally from reactive, isolated glucose measurements to pro-active 24/7 health coaching. Applications will benefit the entire population.