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People rather share health-related info than their financial status or the money they make.

Sharing is caring. It’s time this really starts to happen in healthcare. Because actually, healthcare is still at the age where banking was 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, digital banking evolved to simply … banking. Fintech became the new mot-du-jour. Now, in a superb entrepreneurial move, Spanish bank @BBVA launches an open API marketplace for developers and startups.

Please replace @BBVA now with your hospital, your care provider, a pharma or lifesciences company. That is one of the real promises of digital health. In a few years, just … health. Open data for third parties to mine, integrate and build services and experiences with.

This move is really similar to @Tesla’s decision a few years ago to make its Electric car IP open source. Altruism? Sure not. But with the battery Gigafactory in the making a logic next move.









That is how we teach healthcare companies to think and mature. Watch closely, via soon to be launched @Healthskouts.

BBVA launches an open API marketplace for developers and startups

Great coverage in a Storify by DeSpecialist of the Health track at HackBelgium, May 4-6, 2017, which I had the honour to curate.

Incidentally, a number of ideas I floated seem to have received quite some traction. Hence what if we would replace Ecocheques with Prevention cheques.? And collect them as Panini stickers, to get the habits they help to pay for, make sticky.

My recent talk on Healthcare Entrepreneurship at the mHealth symposium, April 29 2017, organised by AZ Delta in Roeselare, Belgium.


It illustrates patient centric thinking; how to develop together with the customer around the table (hackatons and makerspaces); why software is not eating the world and digital is an enabler to customer experience; arguments to build plug-and-play start-ups into scale-ups (think LEGO tape); how to spot novel business opportunities watching trends; and why your genome and prevention are the NEW creative.

Here is the live version (Dutch spoken):

Hack Belgium is approaching soon now, 3 days of innovation to go from ambition to ideas to creative solutions:


I’m honoured to curate one of the 12 challenges, named after my book ‘Sick no more’.

Imagine a world where we are able to prevent most of the unnecessary disease, pain and debilitation we currently still contend with. Imagine a world where healthcare is everywhere and always-on, but mostly invisible. Imagine Belgium as a global center of excellence in personalised, predictive & preventative medicine. We have the technology in biosensors, artificial intelligence and genomics available right here to enable a radical transformation of the way we, as a system but also as individuals, manage our health. Let’s use it.

And more so for this reason.

The Kodak or Blockbuster moment for pharma, your local hospital and your general practioner will not come from digital threats. It will come from human creativity (design, fashion, hospitality, …) rewriting the model where one makes money from drugs trying hard to treat disease, into a model where one will make more money from keeping people healthy.



I look very much forward to create with you in Brussels, May 4-6.