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It has been an honour to speak at the Lustrum edition of the Dutch Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG), and to explain how dealing with constant change is something to look forward to. How disruption is nothing to fear (and even non-esisting) if corporates embrace three recommendations. So one can feel as comfortable as lawnmower man in this picture.

Afbeelding1My recent talk on Delightful Aging at the European Summit presented by Aging2.0 (@Aging20) & Happy Aging @LifeTechValley, May 24 2017, in Hasselt, Belgium: 
In an eagle eye view it positions happy aging on a timeline starting before birth till after you die. It shows why dying is a fantastic feature to make you strive for experiences, being part of a community, and to leave a mark when done.
It presents a unique view on the opportunities of aging, with links to entertainment, design, the arts, Tomorrowland, in short, to experiences we want to encounter before we die. And it motivates to use exercise as the best drug on the planet.
While containing lots of novel biology and emerging digital tools, it is a showcase of new trajectories of #innovation, the creation of delight as a factor to glue different domains together into novel business models. And it is a prelude to soon to be launched … Healthskouts..

My recent talk on Healthcare Entrepreneurship at the mHealth symposium, April 29 2017, organised by AZ Delta in Roeselare, Belgium.


It illustrates patient centric thinking; how to develop together with the customer around the table (hackatons and makerspaces); why software is not eating the world and digital is an enabler to customer experience; arguments to build plug-and-play start-ups into scale-ups (think LEGO tape); how to spot novel business opportunities watching trends; and why your genome and prevention are the NEW creative.

Here is the live version (Dutch spoken):

In depth overview of the latest technology and design developments (non pharma) for the management of diabetes. Focus is on digital (mobile) health applications, most recent outcome-based data showing the promise, amongst others, of digital coaching.
This migrates us finally from reactive, isolated glucose measurements to pro-active 24/7 health coaching. Applications will benefit the entire population.


Zorgidee 2013, Hasselt, Feb 8, 2013

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The future of healthcare: it’s no longer about being sick, but about staying well & healthy. We have entered the ages of Genomic medicine and Self monitoring which will lead to healthcare which becomes consumer-driven, engaging, addictive, fun and social.

Personalized/Precise, Participatory, Predictive & Preventive medicine will not merely treat disease, but will rather maintain our wellness, via the use of our personal genome and other biomarkers, mobile gadgets & Apps, social media & games.