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People rather share health-related info than their financial status or the money they make.

Sharing is caring. It’s time this really starts to happen in healthcare. Because actually,¬†healthcare is still at the age where banking was 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, digital banking evolved to simply … banking. Fintech became the new mot-du-jour. Now, in a superb entrepreneurial move, Spanish bank @BBVA launches an open API marketplace for developers and startups.

Please replace @BBVA now with your hospital, your care provider, a pharma or lifesciences company. That is one of the real promises of digital health. In a few years, just … health. Open data for third parties to mine, integrate and build services and experiences with.

This move is really similar to @Tesla’s decision a few years ago to make its Electric car IP open source. Altruism? Sure not. But with the battery Gigafactory in the making a logic next move.









That is how we teach healthcare companies to think and mature. Watch closely, via soon to be launched @Healthskouts.

BBVA launches an open API marketplace for developers and startups