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What we offer


1. Presentations on the Future of Healthcare and on new ways to Innovate & Create

We present at your scientific, business or laymen events covering topics related to the advances underway in medicine, genomics, digital health, design & behavioural sciences, which are porting us towards healthcare that is more personalized or precise, more participatory, more predictive and more preventive.

And do you wonder whether your sector ever risks being disrupted the way Kodak or Nokia experienced? In other words, will you play a role in going from sickcare to healthcare? If you feel in any way concerned, my Keynotes would serve as an eye-opening, inspiring call to action.

Action (creativity meets innovation and execution) which I help you to embrace, in a different kind of Keynote you never experienced before.

koen keynote 2


2. Creative brainstorm sessions & Business idea generation at the crossroads of biology, medicine, ICT/IoT, engineering/electronics and behavioural sciences. Mostly inspired by the Arts & design

Using proven innovation management tools and techniques, and a structured brainstorming model, we make sure to yield a shortlist of lead ideas. Subsequently, 2 (or more) ideas are further explored & developed, using specific versions of the Businessmodel Canvas.


3. Enabling new initiatives based on Industry intelligence: we maintain a proprietary database & huge network of emerging technologies & startups – think Crunchbase meets AngelList meets ProductHunt for Healthcare

• Innovation program building

• New venture creation

• Technology transfer – Academia – Corporate

• Business development

• Customised due diligence of portfolios

This way we can quickly generate Deep dives into a given topic. See for instance our recent work on the management of Diabetes here.


4. Advise & consulting on Digital / mobile Health & translational life sciences topics

• Personalized, predictive, preventive, participatory medicine

• Biomarker R&D – Molecular diagnostics (IVD)

• Next Gen seq, functional genomics, proteomics, systems biology

• Drug (target) discovery, selection & validation

• Mobile health Apps & business models in preclinical R&D, clinical trials and patient engagement

• Quantified Self (QS) & wearable sensors (dermals, insideables,…)


If you’re not able to predict the future, invent it (Alan Kay, computer scientist)