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The majority of our work with startups can be found at HealthStartup Europe and Advance.Healthcare.


One of the very best starting points as budding digital health entrepreneur is The Ultimate guide to the world’s digital health ecosystem

Curated by Health Startup, it lists nearly 100 accelerators, incubators, challenges, competitions, hackathons, corporate labs open to startups, networks/communities, investors, investor match-making forums, conferences, etc

Amongst the leading incubators, see for instance:

Blueprint Health –

HealthBox –

Healthtechhatch –

Nantworks –

New York Digital Health Accelerator   recently launched – http://digitalhealthaccelerator

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse –

Rock Health –

Startup Health –

WellTech Funding –

EU’s kid on the block: HealthStartup –

Health 2.0 Conferences & Innovation community –