Envisioning the future of health technology

21 Feb 2014

Envisioning the future of health technology.


October 30, 2013, medical futurist Bertalan Mesko presented his Guide to the Future of Medicine. In the white paper, an infographic features the main trends that shape the future of medicine visualized from 3 perspectives:

  1. Which stage of the delivery of healthcare and the practice of medicine is affected by that (Prevent & Prepare; Data Input & Diagnostics; Therapy & Follow-up; and Outcomes & Consequences);
  2. Whether it affects patients or healthcare professionals;
  3. The practicability of it (already available – green boxes; in progress – orange boxes; and still needs time – red boxes)




Focusing on a few aspects only, healtcare group Bupa, recently published a nice look in to the future of mobile technology and health with following infographic:


Mobile health 2024_bupa-future-visual-aw-digital



Yet another futurist map of disruptive healthcare technology of the future offers a  stunning projection of what will be possible. What’s interesting is that much of  it is already beginning to take shape in some form or another.

Developed by trend forecasting studio Envisioning Technology’s futurist Michell  Zappa with Patrick  Schlafer and Colin Popell of Prokalkeo, and featured  in Fast Company, the themes focus on developments in telemedicine,  augmentation, diagnostics, regeneration and biogerontology over the next 30  years



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